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Expertise. We make it our job to become experts in the industries we serve so we can be more valuable to our clients. We help brand companies on every scale, plan and execute highly-targeted lead-generation campaigns, and help create and deploy sales strategies and engage shoppers at home, on the go and in stores. And we do it by combining creativity with strategy, instinct with insight and emotion with information. When it all works together, it just works.


StrategyFor us, the creative process starts long before the first font is selected, headline is written or idea is concepted. Our work is rooted in sound strategy, and driven by data, research and insights. From face-to-face branding and discovery sessions with clients to qualitative and quantitative research from industry resources including Mintel, 4A’s, Google and other partners, PHG digs into all we can about clients and competitors, products and audiences and industries and available tactics. From there, we get the right people in the room to turn information into actionable creative.

ExecutionClear, compelling storytelling and beautiful design are what we do. But we believe that great creative is more than imagery and copy. It’s about getting the right message to the right people at the right time and place. With strategic groundwork laid, insights uncovered and meaningful, relevant stories defined, work that makes customers feel something – and do something – comes naturally. And once the idea is developed and work created, we see it through to ensure it’s implemented in ways that get results.

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